Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting Planning session

October 6, 2004




Hi all!

Last night was our last meeting before the conference, and here are the tasks and responsibilities we identified as still needing attention or already having volunteers attached to them:

First of all the great news: we have over 150 participants registered, more than half from outside Toronto so it is really exciting!!!!!  It will be a great RM!

PLEASE NOTE: I do not have Dawn Michael's e-mail. Can someone forward this to her? Many thanks!


Set-up all purpose room: Wayne, Patricia, April, Elena, Renee, Bridgette, Nona, Andy, Dawn, Susan, Iris, Aubrey, Patrick, Karen (that includes set-up of merchandise, action table, displays, registration table, etc)

Greeters downstairs - Renee Lafferty and Elena Dumitru

Merchandise table: Patricia Grenier, Nona MacDonald, Marilyn Mckim

Registration table: Bridgette Clark, Susan Starkman, Dawn Michael

Action table: Andy Buxton

Gift bags for all facilitators and guest speakers: Patricia and Marilyn

Buy gift bags, name tag holders if needed: Renee Lafferty

Prepare name tags for all: Renee Lafferty

List of ALL people taking place in the conference: Patricia to pass on to Renee for name tags

List of guest speakers, facilitators, Planning committee - Elena (to give Renee/Patricia/Bridgette)

Signs for all workshop and plenary rooms indicating workshops and times - Bridgette

Send Alex agenda plus details of his timing for the key note address - Elena

Filming of key note speaker - Florin Zamfirescu (he also offered to do short excerpts from Alex's speech for the web) - He will film the speech in the Council Chamber, and the displays, merchandise, interaction during lunch, etc. in the all-purpose room.

Photos - Elena and Wayne

Counters for session 3 workshops - room capacity is 60 people so to make sure we do not go over capacity we will have Bridgette at the door of the Landmines workshop, Elena for Canada’s Resource Sector . . . and Renee for Women at Risk.

Moderator and host for the day: Wayne

Housekeeping at beginning of day: Patricia

Agenda: Iris offered to do the final editing of the agenda; please pass on to her the final draft.

Moderator for SVAW Panel to keep time on presentations.  I think that we need to hear all speakers
and then open for Q&A.

Please note that in the "Canada’s Resource Sector Abroad" workshop the facilitator is Maria Amuchastegui;
guest speakers are Barry Simmons (Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada) and Leslie
Jermyn, ED - GlobalAware.

For the Panel on SVAW we have moderator Wayne Smith, guest speakers Cheryl Hotchkiss (AI), Miriam
Kutesa (woman refugee talking about her own experience) and Wendy Komiotis (METRAC).

Closing discussion on AI and Use of Force - Hilary Homes is the guest speaker and facilitator of session,
Wayne to introduce her.

EVALUATION: After the RM we need to have an evaluation meeting and then prepare a formal report for
the national office (requirement when we received the money for the conference).

Well, I guess that's what I remember from our meeting last night.  If I left out anything please add. All the best,
and please note that I will be away Friday 8, Wed 13 and Thur 14.

Elena Dumitru
Amnesty International Canada
Toronto Regional Development Coordinator
416 363 9933 ext.33

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter" - Dr.Martin Luther King. Jr.