Amnesty International Toronto Organization

Regional Meeting Planning session

May 3, 2004





In attendance


Patrick Furey, Wayne Smith (chair), Patricia Grenier, Andy Buxton, Bridgette Clark, Elena Dumitru, Wendy Phillips, Marilyn McKim, Aubrey Harris, Genevieve Tran, Jimmy Pimentel, Karen Eaton, Iris Nowell


General discussion


Wayne outlined the various workshop proposals received to date, and suggested we need to focus on several specific areas: theme, specific named volunteers for specific tasks, date, timing, tentative agenda, and venue.  General discussion followed, during which the following points were made:


·        We are targeting to attract ~100 people (and hopefully more, perhaps as many as 200), ‘including people who do not, for one reason or another, attend AI’s AGMs’

·        We may wish to tie the meeting to the overall AI theme of growth ($, members, capacity)

·        Workshop themes should be keyed to the new AI branch plan

·        Each workshop could attempt to tie in to the Stop Violence Against Women campaign

·        We may wish to invite other NGOs (to attend or to deliver workshops)

·        We should try to attract a well known keynote speaker (eg, Shirin Ebadi will be in Toronto with Alex Neve on Oct 22, so Oct 23rd (during AI week) is our first choice for a date – Elena will pursue this possibility)

·        We should ask several EC members to attend


Specific task assignments/volunteers


·        Arrange the venue                                                               Bridgette, Iris

·        Liaise with AI national (Alex Neve to be invited)                 Elena

·        Workshop co-ordination                                                     Karen, Elena, Iris

·        Develop an action for the meeting                                        Andy, Aubrey, Jimmy

·        Arrange food                                                                      Bridgette, Iris

·        Registration/sign in                                                              Patricia, Wendy Phillips

·        Financial                                                                             Patricia (as AITO treasurer)

·        Merchandise table                                                              Patricia

·        Publicity                                                                             Yulia Prodaniuk, Patrick, Wayne

·        Arrange participation of other NGOs                                  unassigned


Tentative workshops


·        Women’s rights                                                                  to be confirmed

·        Death Penalty                                                                     Iris, group 63, Aubrey

·        Art workshop                                                                     April Viczko

·        Public speaking                                                                   Michael Craig, Bahi Krishnakhanthan

·        Business and human rights                                                   Maria Amuchastegui

·        Land Mines/war children                                                     Kevin Keane   

·        Economic, social, political rights                                          Marilyn, Wayne

·        Refugees                                                                            Sasha Baglay

·        Colombia/CREDHOS                                                        Wilf Ruland

·        Theme TBA                                                                       Wendy Belcher/group 75

·        ‘how to deliver an effective workshop’                                Karen  


Tentative schedule (very rough for now – we will be very flexible)


9-10                             Registration and plenary

10-11                           workshop A                                         workshop B

11-11:30                      break

11:30-12:30                 workshop C                                         workshop D

12:30-1:30                   lunch and keynote speaker

1:30-2:30                     workshop E                                          workshop F

2:30-3                          break

3-4                               workshop G                                         workshop H

4-5                                                             Plenary and complete action


(if we proceed with all the proposed workshops we may need to run three at a time…)


Some other notes and discussion points


·        We need to think about other potential keynote speakers and/or workshop panelists (eg, Sally Armstrong, Margaret Atwood, Ruben Carter, Eddie Greenspan) – send ideas to Elena or Iris

·        We should try to enable the conference with AV equipment (laptop projector)

·        We should try to incorporate ‘learning, skill building, action’ into each workshop

·        We would like each workshop team to have a tentative outline by the next meeting


Next meeting


Tuesday June 8th, 7PM at the AI Toronto office.  If at all possible, workshop teams should be represented at this meeting.  People involved in working on various tasks should try to keep each other informed by email.